​Sarasota High is pleased to announce that one of our students received two awards for "Top in Country" from the June 2016 testing series:

Sydney Askins - A Level History &

                           AS Level Literature in English 

Twenty-seven ​​students received Cambridge Scholar awards: 

A Level

Attila Nagy

AS Level:

Devin Beede (with merit)

Karianie Vazquez (with merit)

John Flores (with merit)

Nathaniel Kauffman (with merit)

Margaux Albiez (with merit)

Vincent Scialdone (with Merit)

David Ervin (with Merit)

Robert Rosnack (with Merit)

Savannah Franz (with merit)

Brianna Dowd (with Merit)

Drew Fenner

Rachel Mallett

Victor Garcia

Sierra Pittman

Deep Patel

Charles Karcher

Mackenzie Brown

Anna Kurtek

Dylan Rapaport

Briena Gillette

Shane Rexford

Tyler Maxwell

Rhianna Liuzzo

Matthew Ginquitti

Liam Colucci

Raymond Bell

These are amazing accomplishments!

Congratulations students!

Mrs. Saslow

Sarasota High School

Cambridge AICE Program 

Home of the Mighty Sailors