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AICE Diploma Requirements

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The AICE Diploma requires that students take at least 7 AICE courses and pass 7 AICE exams by the end of the senior year. Students must choose an AICE course in 1 of 4 required categories, plus the required  Core AICE credit in Global Perspectives. The four categories include Mathematics/Science, Languages, Arts/Humanities, and Interdisciplinary/Skills based courses. The student may take the other 2 courses in any desired category to make the total of 7 AICE courses. 

For the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, students must also complete 100 hours of community service by the end of the senior year. 

Group 1
Mathematics and Science
  • AS/A Biology

  • AS/A Chemistry

  • AS/A Physics

  • AS/A Marine Science

  • AS Mathematics  

  • AS/A Statistics

  • **AS Environmental Management

  • **AS/A Psychology

** = Environmental and Psychology can count in Group 1 OR Group 3

Group 2
  • AS/A English Language

  • AS/A Spanish Language

Group 3
Arts and Humanities
  • AS/A Art & Design

  • AS/A Digital Media and Design

  • AS Media Studies

  • AS/A U.S. History

  • AS/A Sociology

  • AS Literature in English

  • AS Travel and Tourism

  • AS Music

  • **AS Environmental Management

  • **AS/A Psychology

Group 4
nterdisciplinary & Skills Based Subjects
  • AS/A Thinking Skills

  • AS General Paper

Global Perspectives
  • Global Perspectives & Research (AS Level one credit only)

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Cambridge International

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For more information about the Cambridge AICE program, please visit the Cambridge Advanced webpage:

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