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Seniors MUST apply to Bright Futures and complete 100 volunteer or work hours to receive Bright Futures - even with an AICE Diploma.  Once they have been accepted to their university of choice, students must also request to have their AICE transcripts sent from Cambridge to only THAT ONE university--see below, on left.

Bright Futures Application Directions

Don't wait until the last minute. Do this in the 1st quarter to save stress later!

NOTE: All students who may be eligible to receive a scholarship award through Florida’s ‘Bright Futures’ program are required to establish an account. This account must be completed before the last day of school of 12th grade. Failure to establish an account will lead to a nullified award regardless of eligibility.


  1. Go to

  2. Under the ‘First Time Applicant’ heading, click the “create a student account” link

  3. You will be directed to a profile page

  4. Complete all profile sections and press ‘submit’

Once you have graduated, if you are eligible for any awards, your account will be updated and display your award status. If you are testing this year, you will not have access to your Cambridge Exam grades until Aug 10, 2023. At which time, it will take a week or so for the AICE diploma to link up with state records. Be sure to keep checking!

Bright Futures Criteria

New to 2023-2024: The state is allowing students to COMBINE volunteer and paid work hours. See chart below. Please note that students will still be required to attach paper paystubs to their forms if they are submitting paid work hours. 

Screenshot 2023-10-12 121508.png

Volunteer/Work Hours

Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation on instructions about how to log your volunteer/work hours.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bright Futures?

1.  What is our AICE Center number?

 US 213

2. What are series dates?

Series are the dates of the testing sessions. It will be either November or June and the year. For example: June 2022, November 2022, June 2023

​3.  I am a senior who earned my AICE diploma during my junior year. My Bright Futures portal says that I am ineligible. Help!

Even if a student earned the AICE diploma as a junior,  the reporting for the entire class of 20XX gets sent out at the same time. This is the summer after seniors have graduated. Once the AICE scores come in during August, Bright Futures will receive the scores and will update your status in the portal. For students depending on financial aid for fall, you can ask the financial aid office to "defer payment" until the AICE scores come in to Bright Futures. Florida colleges know how to do this. 

4.  When should I submit my volunteer hours?

The sooner the better! The district only sends the state community service hours 3 times a year. If you wait until the spring of your senior year, you will have to wait for your hours to show up at the state level. That's stressful, so get those hours in before winter break.  Click here to download the log sheet. 

5. Who do I submit my volunteer hours to?

You will submit your volunteer hours to:

Student Success Center, College and Career Advisor

Building 1-112 (back of the GLC)

941-955-0181 ext. 64745


Office hours: 7:30 am-2:15 pm 

(after school hours by appointment)

6. Who can I contact to verify that my Bright Futures is all set to go? To make sure I registered on the website correctly and check my volunteer hours?

Student Success Center, College and Career Advisor

Building 1-112 (back of the GLC)

941-955-0181 ext. 64745


Office hours: 7:30 am-2:15 pm 

(after school hours by appointment)

7. How does my college know that I am eligible for Bright Futures? Do I have to inform them after I get accepted?

The Bright Futures system is connected to our state colleges and universities. The system will know which college/university you are attending, based on your portal and social security number. They will automatically send your Bright Futures eligibility to your college/university. 

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