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Application Process

The 2024-2025 Application window has now CLOSED. Any application received, at this time, will now be put on our waitlist. We will notify you if there is space available. If you do not hear from us, this means space was not available for your student. 

2025-2026 Applications will be available in January 2025. Please read through the information below before filling out an application.

Please read through the following sections prior to filling out an AICE application. The link to the application is at the end of the information.

All students must complete an AICE application.

Please read the following sections prior to filling out an AICE application. 

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

We welcome your interest in the University of Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Program at Sarasota High School. The Cambridge curriculum is taught in over 160 countries worldwide, and in 1994 the Cambridge AICE program was first introduced to the United States and is growing throughout the country. Cambridge consists of rigorous pre-university courses that emphasize higher order thinking skills, writing, problem solving, teamwork and investigative skills. Highly motivated students who excel academically are encouraged to apply to this program.

Admission to the AICE Program will be based on the review of the following criteria:

  1. Middle school core academic grades / grade point average

  2. Middle school curriculum / courses taken

  3. Level of proficiency on standardized testing (FSA/F.A.S.T) Reading & Mathematics / other standardized test scores

  4. Attendance and Discipline Records

If you would like to apply for admission to the Cambridge AICE Program, please complete our online application. If you currently attend a private school, you will need to email your school records, such as grades and standardized test scores, to
Application deadline is March
1st, 2024..

Writing Sample

The writing portion of this application is a very important part of our evaluation process. You will find the 2 writing prompts within the application.

Cambridge AICE curriculum requires students to write effectively. Our students will be writing at an advanced high school level beginning in ninth grade and will take college-level exams thereafter. While writing instruction will occur in all grades, it is important that students have strong skills on which to build. Writing distinguishes our program from other accelerated programs and is part of what makes our graduates better prepared to succeed at the university level.
Some hints to help you succeed with the writing portion:

  1. For each of the following prompts, write a paragraph to answer the questions. Do not write a two or three sentence answer.

  2. When writing formal essays, do not use conversational style. For example, do not begin sentences with “Well,….”

  3. Basic writing conventions are important. Write a rough draft and then edit. If your spelling is not great, type a rough draft into a word processing program and then check your spelling with spell check. Let someone else read your essay and give you feedback. Do not submit an essay which looks like a rough draft!


Student and Parent Commitment Statement

I understand the SHS Cambridge AICE Program is a rigorous, academic course of study for academically talented and motivated students. I also understand that some of the readings will be of a more mature and sensitive nature. These readings are assigned by the University of Cambridge and are non-negotiable. Students and parents must also understand the importance of computer access for AICE students. Students should have access to a computer with Internet access and word processing capabilities either at home or in their community. Students will be required to take Pre-AICE English, Pre AICE Biology, and Pre AICE World History. Finally, all students should maintain a minimum of a “B” average in all courses, a 3.0 un-weighted core GPA overall. I understand the consequences for not meeting these standards may result in dismissal from the AICE Program or individual AICE courses. If I am at Sarasota High out of district and I am removed from the AICE Program, I may be returned to my districted high school. Cambridge AICE exams (10th-12th) may take place outside of the school year (as late as 2nd week of June) and students are expected to take these exams.

AICE Honor Code

Please read through our AICE Honor Code thoroughly before applying. 

Click Here to Download the AICE Honor Code

I'm Ready to Apply!

I have read the above information regarding the application process, writing samples, and student/parent commitment statement.  By completing and submitting an application to the Sarasota High School AICE program, I am agreeing to the requirements stated in the commitment statement. 

Take me to the application!

Application Information Timeline

January 10, 2024

Applications for 2024-2025 become available

Acceptances will be done on a rolling admissions basis. Decisions will be sent via email within 30 days of your submitted application. We will limit our acceptances to 250 students. Students who apply after the limit has been met will be put on our waitlist. 

March 1st, 2024

All applications due

March 29, 2024

Latest date accepted students must confirm their acceptance to AICE

May 3rd, 2024

Late applications accepted if spots available

May 24, 2024

Late application decisions will be made

Applications after May 3rd will only be considered for students moving from out of state or with administration approval. 

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