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Request AICE Transcripts to your College/University

Graduating seniors MUST request that their exam results from Cambridge be sent to the college they have chosen to attend. This will assure that each graduate receives Bright Futures if they have received the AICE diploma. If you have applied to Bright Futures and completed 100 volunteer hours, please follow the directions below.

Go to:

​1. Click "Start" Button at the bottom of the page

2. Click "Create An Account"

3.  You will get an email (please check junk mail) to verify and activate your account.

4. Once you have clicked the link to activate, you will be redirected to the log in page. Log in.  


The first page of the application requires personal data, and required the upload of either a birth certificate, passport, or state issued ID or Driver's license.

The second page is exam details. Exam series are either November or June.

Students graduating in 2023 will have exams in:

June 2021

June 2022

November 2022 (in some cases)

June 2023


Courses taken are all AS and A level.

Students who earned their AICE diploma at the end of their Junior year will have a November 2022 series with ADIP (AICE Diploma acronym) listed as the course.

Students attempting to earn the diploma senior year will list both AS/A level courses AND ADIP in their June 2023 series.


The third page is school details:

Sarasota High School is Centre US213


You are allowed to send transcripts for up to 6 schools at a time.

​Good Luck!

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